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Middle-earth Talk Radio Show Episode 40 November 20 2011

by hawke — last modified Mar 28, 2012 12:17 PM
Michael Martinez and Hawke Robinson host episode 40 with special guest Professor Chris Seeman.

The full editing for this will take a bit, so I am uploading the basically unedited version for those anxious to listen right away to Professor Seeman. This is a low sample rate at only 32 kbps. I will have the edited version, with music, up in a day or so and at 128 kbps. I will also have this page updated with the new link, topics listed, and related links mentioned in the podcast.



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Edited Version:



Format: 128 kbps





Opening Music

Title: Creeping Shades of Mordor

Band: Gandalf

Album: Visions 2001

More Information:



  • Introduction of Professor Chris Seeman
  • His first introduction to Tolkien
  • Bakshi film, books, role playing gaming
  • Circa 1980 - Keep on the Border Lands AD&D A1-4
  • Karen Lynn Fonstad's Middle-earth
  • ICE - Iron Crown Enterprises
  • The Kin-strife
  • 1989 in Stockholm Swedish Tolkien Society gathering
  • Tolkien Centenary Conference
  • Laurie Battle of Tolkien Enterprises now Middle-earth Enterprises
  • Creator of Other Hands Magazine 1992 to 2001
  • Edited the ICE MERP series in the mid-to-late-90's.
  • Other Hands Magazine Online Archives
  • The Hobbiton Pub somewhere in middle-USA
  • EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • The Steve Jackson games fiasco with the US federal government
  • The Stop Online Priacy Act
  • The DMCA - Digital Millenium Copyright Act
  • Meeting Christopher Tolkien at MythCon around 1987
  • Hobbit manuscripts bequeathed to Marquette University
  • Lack of sympathy from the Tolkien Estate regarding RPGs
  • The Tolkien Estate family lawyer
  • Chaosium games
  • Lived at Oxford for a year as an undergraduate circa 1989
  • The Bird and Baby Pub
  • Inspiration for the Withywindle
  • Touching the tree that Tolkien touched
  • Tea with Priscilla Tolkien
  • Banbury Road
  • Viewed the page proofs for Tolkien's essay on Fairy Stories
  • Tolkien dots or checkmarks from Tolkien's proofreading process
  • Decipher's Lord of the Rings RPG
  • Rigid licensing restrictions, much more rigid than at ICE
  • Moria
  • The Seven Dwarven Tribe/House names
  • Narsil
  • According to Michael, the height and length of sword actually in Unfinished Tales
  • Chris Now at university in Ohio
  • Degrees in early Christianity and Judaism initially at Berkeley
  • Involved with linguistic publications of Tolkien
  • Teaching in Iowa
  • Now at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio
  • Brother Joe Power (spelling?)
  • The Brothers of Christian Instruction
  • Brother Power was a student of both J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis
  • Chris met with him, and spoke about Oxford and Tolkien
  • The Undergraduate Theology Society has requested that Professor Seeman teach a course in Brother Power's honor since he recently passed away
  • Many of them enjoy Tolkien role playing gaming as well
  • Tolkien hoping to spend time on his writings without so much guilt from stealing time away from his teaching
  • Tolkien' essay on telepathy
  • Literature as religious advertisements
  • Tolkien, translate the Lord's Prayer into Quenya
  • Beowulf
  • Monsters and Critics
  • Michael says "I can read the Silmarillion in a weekend"
  • Basic Tolkien course at Spokane's Whitworth University
  • Various Tolkien scholars
  • Tolkien (ology) degree
  • Premiere of The Fellowship of the Ring in New York
  • Met most of the Fellowship cast
  • Peter Jackson briefly
  • Flipped Howard Shore a Tolkien Music List card
  • Spoke with Orlando Bloom and others about some of the gaming
  • Spoke with Ian McKellan
  • Unknown if any of the cast ever participated in role playing games
  • David Salo (translator of Elvish for the Peter Jackson Movies)
  • Spoke with Liv Tyler
  • Chris Seeman was one of the job references for David Salo's application to Peter Jackson
  • Michael was also offered but declined, as did others for fear of harming relationships with Tolkien Estate family
  • David Salo's alienation and language scholarship impugned by the Elvish Linguistic group, though Seeman respected him and his "inventive" work
  • The Tolkien Linguistics email list
  • Adunaic-sounding
  • The Black Numenoreans of the South
  • As Linus Torvalds (Linux) compared himself to Richard Stallman (GNU), Engineer to the Philosopher, so role playing gaming creation is to the other Tolkien communities, practical engineering following the philosophy
  • Adventuring with the core of Tolkien's works, rather than the fringes
  • Start with the languages, and Valinor, and the Noldor and their earliest critical choices
  • The Shibboleth of Fëanor
  • Before the death of Miriel
  • The Fall of the Noldor
  • Where did the Elves really belong, were Noldors supposed to remain in Aman or Middle-earth according to Eru's plan?
  • The lies of Melkor bearing fruit
  • Some causes which are inherently right, but does not justify evil actions along the way, and those who choose the wrong side, none of their actions for good justify their choice for the wrong side.
  • The PBEM (Play By Email) 2 year adventure in The Northern Waste
  • The Dialogues
  • The RPG Research Project
  • Steve Allen's Meeting of Minds
  • The Bombadil cut debate
  • The Lord of the Rings as a "sacred narrative"
  • On Fairy Stories and recovery
  • Francesco Nepitello - Cubicle 7 / Sophisticated Games - The One Ring Role Role Playing Game
  • How this can apply as a therapy
  • Tolkien - Written fantasy is the most subcreative of all Art
  • Seeman - Fantasy RPG is actually even more so
  • Emergent properties, the give and take between the players and game master
  • The Tolkien Music List website
  • Meeting Leonard Rosenman ( composer for the Bakshi Lord of the Rings movie )
  • Earliest Tolkien-inspired piece in 1962 classical music - Stan McDaniel
  • Thousands of Tolkien-inspired music entries
  • Future show dedicated to the music of Tolkien
  • Most recent addition - Black Sabbath song The Wizard based on Gandalf
  • What is Sindarin equivalent for Namarie? Is it Navaer ?
  • Corrections on the Steve Jackson's fiasco, it was the US Secret Service that raided SJ Games, not the FBI.
  • It wasn't actually because of Cyberpunk they were raided, but the SS did withhold it and claim it as a "handbook for computer crime"
  • See the References section on the SJ Games Fiasco for the rest of the details.




Other Hands Magazine Online Archives:




The Steve Jackson Games fiasco -,_Inc._v._United_States_Secret_Service

Tolkien Music List -

The Tolkien Linguistics email list -

The One Ring RPG:

The Tolkien Music List:

Composer Stan McDaniel's website:

Leonard Nimoy's Bilbo Baggins "music video" -



Closing Music

Title: The Wizard

Band: Black Sabbath

Album: Black Sabbath (1970)

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