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EW Exclusive The Hobbit Sneak Peak - Middle-earth Talk Radio Show Episode 34 - We're Back!

by hawke — last modified Jul 10, 2011 02:34 AM
Exclusive Sneak Peak "The Hobbit", interview with Peter Jackson. After an even longer hiatus, and the mystery "lost episode 33", Michael Martinez and Hawke are back on the air, one week before Tolkien Moot VII. See the rest of this article for details on the topics covered, useful links, etc. Enjoy!
EW Exclusive The Hobbit Sneak Peak - Middle-earth Talk Radio Show Episode 34 - We're Back!

Martin Freeman as Bilbo in The Hobbit - EW Exclusive

Duration: 1:15:08 (1 hour 15 minutes including music play time)

Filesize: 34.4 MB (36,070,541 bytes)

Format/Quality: MP3 - 64 bit

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Opening Reading

Gandalf's Riddle of the Ents

Read by Christopher Lee

on "The Tolkien Ensemble" album "At Dawn in Rivendell"


Opening Music

Treebeard's Song

The Tolkien Ensemble & Christopher Lee

At Dawn in Rivendell



  • Middle-earth Talk Radio "The Lost Hours"
  • Michael rebuilding his online network of sites,, etc.
  • Michael republishing his old Suite101 essays on soon, with cleaned up formatting.
  • The Long Hiatus and the lost episode #33 in April, 2011.
  • Techie talk about websites, and search engines, Google, etc.
  • Less than 6 days to Tolkien Moot VII (2011), July 15, 16, & 17
  • Next Middle-earth Talk Radio Show will be LIVE SHOW at Tolkien Moot with Live Audience at convention and online, with real time audience participation through the chat room.
  • Co-host for Episode #35 of Middle-earth Talk Radio will be Brian Huseland of the Inland Empire Tolkien Society
  • Harry Potter movie coming up next week.
  • Tolkien Moot incorporating as a non-profit and filing for 501(c)(3)
  • Tolkien Moot VIII (2012) will be in April 20, 21, 22 at The Bozarth Mansion
  • Tolkien Moot VII (2011) Them is "Tolkien & Trees"
  • Hawke's paper will be read "in abscentia" at U.K. Tolkien Society Seminar "Tolkien's Trees" in Bar Convent, York, U.K.
  • CB (Citizen's Band radio) lingo run amok!
  • Other Minds Magazine episode #12 is nigh
  • The Way The Lord of the Rings Should Have ended (redux)
  • Exclusive Sneak Peak "The Hobbit", interview with Peter Jackson
  • New licensed Tolkien RPG schedule for release August 2011, The Lord of the Rings RPG - Adventures Over the Edge of the Wild - by Cubicle 7.
  • The Hobbit - Line Parties Anyone?
  • Arda Reconstructed - New Book
  • The Tolkien Society Call for Papers -  The Return of the Ring: Celebrating 75 Years of 'The Hobbit'
  • NO LONGER VALID DOMAIN. Please update all links to point to either or
  • More about Tolkien movie Line parties
  • The Hobbit filmed in 3D
  • "3D not here yet"
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Hatsune Miku - holographic rock star
  • Star Wars holograms
  • Lego Middle-earth
  • LEGO video game spoof
  • Peter Jackson and losing his weight.
  • Michael and his health, weight, walking.
  • Diabetes type II treated through a speific rigid low calorie diet
  • Middle-earth travelers and low-calorie-diets
  • Tolkien's experiences with WWI and his writing of battle scenes
  • War veteran's not liking to share gory details of war experiences
  • Not overly-detailing gore and horror maybe more effective when let's imagination fill in the gaps, than when detailed graphically?
  • Dissociation, fugue states, coping mechanisms for stress and horrors
  • Turin Turambar and dissociation
  • Did Tolkien see this happen to people in real life?
  • Northwest Renaissance Festival
  • Hawke will be wearing Numenorean outfit at Tolkien Moot


Closing Music

Galadriel's Song of Eldamar, I Sang of Leaves

The Tolkien Ensemble

An Evening in Rivendell



Entertainment Weekly, Issue #1161, July 1 2011, pp 38-41




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