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Middle-earth Talk Radio Show 26 June 8 2010

by hawke — last modified Jun 13, 2010 01:08 PM
Episode 26 of Middle-earth Talk Radio. 2 days behind schedule, but we pulled it off, and finished it before midnight this time....

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Opening Music

The Shire At Dawn

from the album Elementaria

by Rehtaeh


Topics Discussed

  • Additional message from Guillermo Del Torro regarding leaving "The Hobbit" movie project
  • Congratulations to Sir Richard Taylor of Weta Workshop
  • Discussion of other directors (poll) for The Hobbit
  • Further discussion on the impact of MGM's financial struggles, near $4 billion USD debt
  • Miyazaki Tales from Earthsea (and others)
  • Scifi channel blocking it's distribution in North America
  • movies
  • Centurion movie
  • Wall Street and MGM sad tale not over yet
  • As of 2010, the Turner Entertainment Co. unit of Time Warner owns the rights to the pre-1986 MGM film library, with Warner Bros. handling distribution. Turner acquired the MGM library during its brief ownership of the company in 1986.
  • University of Wales Online Tolkien October 2010 course actually available to everyone!
  • LotRo MMORPG (Lord of the Rings Online Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) going Free-to-play
  • World of Warcraft on Southpark episode (old news to Southpark viewers) (not appropriate for all audiences)
  • Mazes and Monsters movie
  • More on LotRo
  • Looking for additional Game Masters for upcoming Tolkien Moot 2010 August 13-15 in Spokane, Washington, USA
  • One responder mentioned game system DragonRaid, turns out to be a fundamentalist Christian RPG (Role Playing Game) system
  • Michael on butchering nouns used as verbs, especially discipled
  • Swashbuckling press website claiming C.S. Lewis converted Tolkien to christianity (obviously their data is a little confused)
  • Who would like to wear garb or props at Tolkien Moot 2010?
  • What kind of garb would be "true to Tolkien" to be discussed in next show.
  • Rehtaeh now in New Zealand travelling "Middle-earth" and meeting the LotR / Hobbit folks hoping to have her voice in the upcoming movies
  • More on language butchering, and misuse of pronouns in English language
  • Ghost Hunters tangent
  • Voice on Information Society's What's on your Mind (Pure Energy) sample of Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek episode "Errand of Mercy"


Closing Music


from the album Awakened

by Rehtaeh









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